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How "All or Nothing" thinking keeps you stuck

Often we think there is only one right way to do something. Either an old idea of how something worked for us in the past or a comparsion to how something is working for someone else keeps us stuck or paralysed. We mentally create an overwhelming list of what "has to happen" before we can begin. Now it's true that preparation is a key ingredient to success but not at the cost of not starting because things are not lined up exactly how you think they should be. It can be as simple as confronting ideas that you have accepted as truth for so long such as, "I'll start on Monday," "I can't possibly start today, it's Friday (or Wednesday.)" What if Wednesday or Friday is the BEST day to start because it is a sign to yourself and a declaration to the world that you are moving forward and not looking back?How often have you let a week or a month go by without getting started on a goal because "Monday" didn't work out, something came up and you thought to yourself "I can't possibly start on a Tuesday- that won't work. But guess what...ANY day and ALL days are the perfect days to step towards your goals. Once you decide to go for it and make a shift, time and days don't have the same significance anymore. We waste so much time believing that the conditions have to be perfect before we can begin that we keep postponing. Mondays become the illusive day that sneaks by week after week and we stay stagnant when in fact conditions will never be perfect. The "Monday Lie" we tell ourselves sounds like, "I'll wait until then, it's a fresh start-new week-new beginning." That thinking pattern ends up holding us down when all we need to do is take the first step. Remember that starting is the hardest part when making life improvements but if you never stop then you will never have to start again.

In wellness and kindness,


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